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Brexit impacts on the UK Travel Industry

Author: TMS Talent

Published date: 2019/06


The travel job market in the UK has seen little impact or slowdown from the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit, says Travel Recruitment leader John Terry. 

“Despite the persistent uncertainties, our clients across the travel sector are forging ahead with business as usual approach, continuing to hire with a focus on growth in long haul markets.” comments John.

As an active member of UK Inbound, TMS Talent understands inbound market operators are continuing to work hard to ensure the UK is a destination of choice. “Whilst the impacts surrounding Brexit may see a softening of visitors from European markets, the longer term trend is growth from long haul markets including the US and China, particularly given the fall in the value of the pound which is continuing to fuel growth.” Says John

The falling pound and the rising costs for British travellers heading abroad may see uplift in domestic travel markets with weekend and short break travellers choosing to stay in the UK instead of heading across to Europe.

For travel consultants, the uncertainty surrounding longer term Brexit impacts are still a hot topic with clients. “Travelers are still turning to agents as the source of knowledge on how to Brexit-proof their trips.” says John “Many agents we speak with are still grappling with demands from travellers for advice on potential changes to entry and exit requirements, passports/ visas, exchange rates, security and insurances.”

Agents may face the front-line effects of Brexit, and there could be a significant impact dependant on the outcome. However, for now whilst uncertainty persists, it’s a matter of keep calm and carry on for most operators and agents.

With the final outcomes of the EU election results pending, as well as Theresa May stepping down as PM,  travel sector employers are hoping further clarity will ensue as Brexit unfolds under new leadership.