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Business Travel Jobs becoming more flexible

Author: TMS Talent

Published date: 2019/07


As Travel Management Companies (TMCs) across the UK continue to grow, the competition for the best talent has also increased. Business Travel employers are embracing flexible working as a strategy to attract, hire and retain top staff.

The top 50 TMCs in the UK had Business Travel Sales of £11billion in 2018 compared to £10.3billion in 2017 according to a recent report in, with the average TMC employing 292 full-time equivalent staff, an increase of 37 on 2017. 

This has led to TMCs looking to be more flexible in how they engage with prospective candidates and has resulted in Business Travel employers beginning to offer more benefits to attract quality talent in addition to base salary.

 “We have seen a big spike in opportunities to work from home with a number of our TMC Clients for experienced hires.” Says Vinesh Vijayananthan Recruitment Team Manager at TMS Talent London

“TMCs are realising that to serve their customers well and gain a competitive advantage they need to attract and retain top quality business travel consultants.  Offering flexible working is certainly an attractive proposition to the vast majority of candidates we see” comments Vinesh.

This sentiment is consistent with a 2017 study by EY and Timewise that was reported in the Financial Times , where 87 per cent of full-time employees in the UK either work flexibly or would prefer to do so. The study reported that the proportion rises to 92 per cent for millennials,

“For savvy TMCs offering a more flexible working environment, the flow on effects are twofold, with greater employee engagement and increasing customer satisfaction from better service.” Says Vinesh

TMS Talent’s Business Travel Recruitment team have also seen an increase in hiring opportunities from outside of London, with a greater demand from Business Travel clients in the North West, as well as in the Home Counties outside of London.

“The opportunity to work from satellite offices in other cities really provides employees with a better commute and work-life balance. Manchester in particular is home to many large TMC’s and demand for quality local candidates is accelerating in the region.” Says Vinesh

With the continuing consolidation within the TMC market across the UK, those players being innovative in their approach to flexible working will reap the rewards in the race to attracting, hiring and retaining top Business Travel Employees.

Are you a TMC looking to hire business travel consultants across the UK? Vinesh Vijayananthan from TMS Talent can assist. Contact Vinesh or one of the TMS Talent UK team today for a confidential discussion.