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The fastest way to hear ‘Offer Accepted’

Author: TMS Talent

Published date: 2019/07

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There is nothing more satisfying in the hiring process than hearing those words “offer accepted” from that employee you have been searching for.

As a recruiter, it’s the best part of our job to be able to deliver the happy news to all parties. However, occasionally we do see employers that miss out on their ideal candidates, by not moving fast enough at the final offer stage.

So how do you prevent things stalling?

Tony Yerasimou, Head of Sales and Leisure Recruitment UK shares his top 3 tips for employers to get that offer accepted and across the line.

1. Pass on feedback quickly, keeping communication lines open - The best candidates get snapped up quickly. If you have interviewed a stand out candidate, keep in mind that to secure them it’s time to move quickly.

  • Keep the interview process tight.

  • Deliver positive feedback to the candidate and recruiter immediately post interview.

  • Consider locking in second round interviews before they walk out your door.

  • At offer stage, move quickly on getting a contract prepared

Moving swiftly and keeping all lines of communication open, fills potential employees with confidence that your business cares about its staff and is serious about hiring the best people.

2. Be clear and upfront on salary during the interview process –  There is nothing more disappointing to a candidate than receiving a salary offer that is below what they were expecting. It’s always best for employers to be upfront about salary expectations during the interview process.

If you have indicated a salary range, explain as part of the offer how you decided on the salary package being offered. If your offer is at the lower end of the range, consider putting in place a review process or KPI’s following probation, if salary becomes a sticking point for the candidate.

Remember salary isn’t everything, but candidates who are unclear about your salary expectations have a higher chance of declining that offer.

3. Stay open minded during the negotiation process – Work towards a win, win scenario during the negotiation process. Consider the time you have already invested in the hiring process. If you and your new recruit are negotiating over 1,000 pounds in salary say, is it really a deal breaker to come to a compromise? It is often better to meet their request and have the employee start out feeling motivated, valued and positive about their decision to start at your company. Otherwise you may risk losing the best candidate and have to go back to the drawing board and start the recruitment process again.

Be inventive in the negotiation process. Maybe you have more to offer than just financial incentives. Additional leave days, a fabulous company culture, famils and other opportunities for training and development are often more highly prized by travel job seekers than salary alone. Sell your EVP at the final stages of the negotiation process.

Your recruitment consultant is there to work with you to help ensure the ideal candidate accepts the role. Keep in mind that hot candidates will often be interviewing for multiple roles as part of their job search, so make the most of your opportunity and be decisive about your hiring decision.

Need help with finding quality travel candidates? Please get in touch with Tony or our specialist UK travel recruitment team.