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A travel career pivot

Author: TMS Talent

Published date: 2019/10

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What?? you may ask, is a career pivot? No, it’s got nothing to do with becoming a dancer!

Do you love working in travel, but are not challenged or excited in your current role and dreaming of a change?

Wondering how all those skills you have developed might be transferrable into another role within the travel sector, but just not sure where to start or how to go about it?

TMS Talent’s UK travel recruitment consultants can help you make that next big career move and pivot your way into a new travel role that sees you combining your passion with all the perks of the best travel careers. We have put together a list of some of the most common travel roles and where they can lead you next.

Leisure to Business Travel Consultant – We are frequently asked how to move from Leisure Travel to Business Travel. Here are some tips on how:

1. Join a large global company where you can often get an internal transfer from leisure to business, starting in a domestic business role and working your way up. The benefits of moving from leisure to business are:

  • No more selling or meeting targets
  • Monday to Friday business hours
  • More phone based rather than public facing

2. In Business Travel there are often more opportunities for career progression and a more well defined career path:

  • Domestic to International to Multi-skilled travel consultant.
  • From there you may progress into Account Management or Business Development

Leisure to Tour Operators – Leisure consultants who are specialists in a destination or region can make the switch over into a job with a Tour Operator, where they are creating custom itineraries for specific destinations. To land a role with a Tour Operator it is advantageous if you have:

  • Language skills
  • Have travelled to these destinations
  • Have booked them frequently in retail

Tour Operators to Inbound – Consultants who are experienced in developing itineraries to specific destinations can transfer their skills into an Inbound Travel role. Attracting visitors to UK destinations instead of sending them abroad.

Leisure / Tour Operators / Inbound – Into Back Office Product & Marketing – Many marketing graduates take a role in the travel sector while they are studying. With 1-2 years of experience in leisure, business or tour operator roles these degree qualified candidates can easily switch into a back-office role to utilize their skills. It may involve taking a step back or a pay cut initially, however the long term gains are worth it to secure these highly competitive roles which can accelerate your career growth quickly.

So, if your career needs a refresh, reach out to a TMS Talent recruitment consultant who can assist you with adapting your CV and identifying suitable roles for your skills.

Our travel recruitment consultants have visibility across the whole UK travel sector and can put you forward to a vast array of companies for roles you may never see advertised. Don’t delay, you never know where it could lead you!