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CV Tips and Tricks for Travel Job Seekers

Author: Jacky Docherty

Published date: 2020/01

CV Tips | Travel Job Seekers | Travel & Hospitality

Senior Recruitment Consultant Jacky Docherty from TMS Talent UK shares her top 5 tips and tricks for creating a stellar travel CV.

  1. List travel industry experience & achievements front and center – It sounds obvious but even if your last role wasn’t in travel, you need to structure your CV so that any relevant travel experience for the role you are applying for is upfront on the first page of your CV.  Even if your travel industry experience is limited, make sure you highlight your key achievements in each role. Did you meet your sales targets? Have customers given you great reviews? Won an award? Chosen for a famil? Put it all in your CV.
  2. Tailor your CV to the job ad – You hear this advice lots! But what does it actually mean? Aside from putting your relevant skills and experience upfront. Try to ensure the language on your CV matches the job ad. Use similar adjectives to describe yourself and your skills and abilities. If they are asking for particular skills (e.g. GDS Experience, Ticketing and Sales) and you have them make sure this is clearly stated on your CV.
  3. Include where you’ve travelled – Work experience important, but where you’ve travelled and if you’ve experienced relevant products is definitely also an asset on your travel CV. Jackie says “We have had candidates with less experience land roles because of their extensive travel history and local product knowledge. Being passionate about where you have been really intrigues potential interviewers and gives you some memorable talking points to set you apart from other candidates.”
  4. Please no photos - There is absolutely no need to include a photo of yourself on your CV. It’s often a distraction from your skills and really if an interviewer or potential employer wants to see you, they will do a quick search on social media or just ask you in for an interview.
  5. Presentation to impress – A word document is the best way to present your CV. Keep it to 2-3 pages maximum. Keep the layout simple and clean, no fancy designs. Recruitment agencies will often present your CV to clients in a more standardised format so having it in a word document is the best way to apply.

Need help with making your travel CV stand out? Please get in touch with our London Recruitment Consultants who would be happy to help you.