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Obscure Interview Questions and how to answer them

Author: Vinesh Vijayananthan

Published date: 2020/03


Just when you think you have practiced and prepared answers to all of the common interview questions…you go to that one interview where they throw you a complete curve ball question. How do you answer it?

Vinesh Vijayananthan shares with us some of the more obscure travel interview questions and how to best answer them.

“Senior leaders often love to ask these random interview questions, because your reaction and how you answer often reveals how creative or quick thinking you are and how well you perform under pressure.” Says Vinesh

1. What's your all-time favourite movie?

A fun question to answer that reveals a bit about your personality and your taste in films. This question has no right or wrong answer, it opens the door for you to show part of your personality to the potential employee and see for yourself if you have common interests…or not!

 2. Have you ever stolen a pen from work? 

A tricky one to answer! Honesty and a touch of humour thrown in here could be the best policy as most of us would have taken home a work pen over the course of our careers! Some options for answers might be:

  • “I may have borrowed one or two which generally travel to and from work in my bag so I can always jot down new ideas….”
  • “Yes, I have taken pens from my workplace mainly to ensure the company brand is spread far and wide….”

3. How would your friends and family describe you? 

The interviewer is looking for how self-aware you are and how you describe yourself. Would you be a good fit for their team? The best way to answer says Vinesh “is to choose one personality trait at a time, giving an example for each. It’s a great way to tell a story about yourself, but it’s also important to stay humble.”

4. If you could take anyone in the world on a road trip with you, who would you take and why? 

The key to answering this question is being able to explain the “why”. Pick people someone who inspires you. It shows who you’d like to surround yourself with and again helps the employer understand your personality. You’re in travel! Perhaps the destination you decide on will inspire your choices.

5.  If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?

This is a behavioral interview question and again a chance to open up to the interviewer and share something about yourself that you are passionate about.

“The easiest answer is obviously to say travel! But if you do choose travel, don’t just stop there” says Vinesh “In a travel job interview try to elaborate on where you would travel and specific things you want to see or experience.”

There are so many obscure and weird questions travel interviewers are coming up with. As employers are mainly probing to understand your cultural fit into their team, there is never a right or wrong answer! Remember it gives you the opportunity to ask the question back to the interviewer and learn more about them as well. The same rule applies with all interview questions whether obscure or not - take your time, keep good body language and use your sense of humour.

“Don’t be afraid to take your time when answering or ask further questions” says Vinesh “It’s best to show a considered approach. Being honest and explaining your thought process with your answers shows the interviewer a lot about who you are and how you would fit their team and organisation”.

Got a weird travel interview question? We'd love to hear it. Follow up on LinkedIn and add a comment on our post. Looking for your next travel job? Get in touch with Vinesh for the latest roles we have on offer.