Danae Green

General Manager UK

Tell us about your background

Well upon leaving school I went into the world of banking - yes me! It was probably one of my least sensible ideas but I stayed with it for 2 years. Then a chance meeting on a night out I met my first recruiter and the next thing I know I am sitting in a branch in Ealing, West London learning the ropes. The scary part here is it was 38 yrs ago. Now I feel old! I started my career as a Permanent Consultant and quickly moved into a management role where my focus was not only to manage and develop a temporary staffing desk but also oversee the perm recruitment team I thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs recruitment offers us all until I had my first son. I took a break for a couple of years as I had a 2nd son quite quickly thereafter. When I did resume my career instead of going back into recruitment I entered the world of telecommunications and worked my way from a direct salesperson through to sales manager and then eventually ahead of sales. 

Fast forward several years I then decided to add to my family and had my third son and a daughter. It was at this stage I took the time to review my career history and made the decision to return to recruitment. 2003 I joined Blue Arrow a high street national UK brand as a Branch Manager the business mix was perm and temp across hospitality, Logistics and Commercial markets. After almost 10 years I left Blue Arrow to start my own agency within travel and leisure. After a couple of years, I went back into the world of high street recruitment leading teams through business change, training, improving performance and implementing new business systems. Today I am here and I am truly grateful to John for his unexpected phone call that resulted in this new journey with all of you. I am very excited with the vision the business has, the passion you all show for what we do and our resilience and tenacious approach to achieving or best.

 Why Recruitment?

Gosh, why recruitment? - Well apart from being completely mad I chose a career that was fun, where each day was different, where you feel empowered to drive your own success and of course the adrenaline rush you get when everything comes together whether it be a placement or you find the perfect temp. There is nothing like it, I just love this industry.

What is your favourite destination & why?

I love to travel and so far my favourite destinations, sorry I do not have one! Florida - Disney, yes I am a big kid at heart and to me they are the ultimate in creating a world of fantasy and fun. I also fell in love with Mexico - pure relaxation, as a guest they really know how to make you feel special, nothing is too much trouble and the people are so friendly. Everyone without exception stops to say hello. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you

I have this amazing dog - Murphy, he is a border collie/ Australian Kelpie cross. He is so intelligent and can actually open doors on his own. He loves to watch TV, his favourite programmes always involve other animals whether it be documentaries or films, the go to however has to be the animated film Bolt. He would block the kids view by sitting right in front of the TV.