Priyanka Kumari

Recruitment Consultant

Tell Us About Your Background

For many years I worked at the Iconic Sky Tower in Auckland managing a team of customer service representatives. I then moved onto Flight Centre NZ to seek a different experience from the Travel and Tourism industry. I completed two years at Flight Centre NZ and made an exciting and somewhat spontaneous decision and transferred to Flight Centre Melbourne. The connection with Melbourne and its people was instant and after completing a year with Flight Centre Australia I joined TMS Talent.

Why Recruitment

I have always loved the idea of being part of each individuals journey and to help find the best suited job/career for them. It’s exciting to be part of the process and to be the person who pretty much helps make it all happen. I am also looking forward to stepping out and networking, building rapport and business relations too.

What is Your Favourite Destination and Why?

Favourite destination so far is all the South Pacific Islands. To sum it up in three words I would say “Cocktails, Beach, Relaxation”.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I had never been to Melbourne before I made the decision to move here. I fell in love instantly with Melbourne, which further confirmed my decision to settle here.